Sailing Adventures

3 & 5 Day Sailing Adventures

All of our multi-day sailing adventures are customized marine adventures with an onboard wildlife naturalist and sailing instructor!  You’ll cruise to some of the best Gulf Island destinations, learn about the wildlife you’ll see along the way, and improve your sailing capability by taking a CRYA certified course all at the same time!

Multi-day sailing adventures begin and end at Sidney (10 minutes taxi from Victoria Airport), Ladysmith (10 minute taxi from Nanaimo Airport), or Genoa Bay (10 minutes taxi from Maple Bay Airport).

Included in each multi-day sailing adventure is:

  • Onboard accommodation
  • Onboard meals
  • Customized itinerary
  • CRYA sailing instruction manuals & log books
  • Training material
  • CRYA course certification

 Single Day Sailing Adventures

  • Short Sailing Adventure:  approximately 3 hours, depart from Genoa Bay daily, reservation required, $75/person (Min. 2 persons).  Contact Us for current availability.

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